Psi Rho Alpha is excited to learn that you have made the decision to complete an application for membership.  This is one of few steps before enhancing your creative development, professional growth and the courage to join a cadre of artists, thinkers and innovative individuals who all are willing to use the vehicle of visual and performing art to make a difference.

Please take a moment and click the appropriate link below.  Fill out the appropriate member application and wait for the approved application authorization and submit the required joining fee.

After the submission of your application, within 72 hours from the receipt of your application you will receive notification regarding your approved application, at that time you will be authorized to submit your payment.

Your membership will not be complete without the approval of your application, your application fee, the completion of your membership intake and induction to membership.

The content of this application are confidential and will be subject to privacy and administration of the National office of Psi Rho Alpha Visual and Performing Arts Honor Society.  Please complete all appropriate fields of content and submit when finished.  If you are applying for membership at an institution that does not have a current chapter, a chapter must be chartered first at that university, college or institution before your application can be considered.

Interested in Chartering a Chapter please visit the Chapter Chartering tab under Chapter Info in the above navigation bar.

Collegiate Membership Application

Professional Member Application