Psi Rho Alpha desires to provide an environment and culture of leadership that empowers, connects, and esteems its members. Leadership is just one of the benefits that Psi Rho Alpha provides its members.  By chartering a chapter, or taking the leap into this community of membership and impacting the community with art, ignites ones professional skills and affirms artistic expression and employable skills. Our core values and organizational actions amplify the foundation of creative intelligence, which is the heart of this Honor Society.


Benefits of Membership 

  • Provides acknowledgement, prestige, and honor on the collegiate level to students who excel academically and creatively in the visual and performing arts
  • Provides a forum for students, educators, and professional artists to get together on a regular basis to discuss issues relating to the field of visual and performing arts
  • Establishes a world-wide network of individuals and institutions committed to promoting visual and performing arts
  • Provides an appropriate vehicle for recognizing individual and institutional excellence in visual and performing arts
  • Promotes scholarly research, exhibition, and performance in the visual and performing arts through its newsletter, conferences, professional workshops, and exhibitions and performances
  • Provides a focus for leadership, campus value, and peer visibility
  • Encourages achievement and excellence through recognition and scholarship
  • Provides an outlet with national, social, employable, and campus recognition
  • Provides a prestigious acknowledgement for excellence in the arts; academically and professionally