If you are considering becoming a member of Psi Rho Alpha Honor Society, Inc. please read the information below.


Collegiate Aspirant: Applicants must join an existing chapter  if a chapter is available. Make the request known to the member(s) or adviser of the Psi Rho Alpha chapter and wait for further instructions regarding your application to join. 

If there is no chapter available, a new chapter must be chartered before applicants can be inducted. A Chapter Administrator or Intended Chapter Adviser must request a Chapter Charter Application Packet from the national office. Included in the packet is the Collegiate Member application link to be issued to all aspirants. The applications (Chapter Charter and Collegiate Member) shall then be submitted to the national office for processing.

Professional Members: Applicants must request an application from the alumni chapter of Psi Rho Alpha in their area if a chapter is available, or from the national office if a chapter is not available. If a professional applicant chooses not to join an existing chapter after becoming a member, they will be recognized as “a member at large” to the national organization.

Once an applicant submits all documents, upon approval they will be prompted by either a chapter adviser or a Psi Rho Alpha administrator to submit the membership fee. Online payment submission will allow individual or multiple membership fee(s) to be paid at one time.

Once these procedures have been completed the National office of Psi Rho Alpha Visual and Performing Arts Honor Society will contact the Chapter Administrator, Chapter Adviser, or Professional Applicant with instructions to proceed with intake and induction of aspirants.

If you are a Chapter Adviser, University Official or Professional candidate seeking membership please complete the content below.

In the subject field below please type either Requesting a Chapter Charter Application or Requesting a Professional Member Application. 

In the your message field below please leave a brief message of your interest, location, or school and your interest in becoming a member.