qtq80-5qSuGCPsi Rho Alpha was developed to fill the gap in national honor societies with the sole focus on the visual and performing arts.  As with all honor societies, Psi Rho Alpha represents students who achieve academic excellence from accredited institutions providing curricular learning in a select field of study.

Psi Rho Alpha was originally conceived at Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte North Carolina as a student organization in 2012, by Professor Hasaan A. Kirkland, MFA.  August 25, 2014, Psi Rho Alpha Visual and Performing Arts Honor Society was founded as a national honor society.

This Society is charged with acknowledging the intelligence and creative excellence of its members.  It is this distinction that honors the diverse abilities of its members as being lucrative, employable, and relevant commodities of this contemporary society.

Psi Rho Alpha is the first national honor society to focus solely on the visual and performing arts. It provides an outlet of honor and prestige, and personal, professional, and career readiness for those entering the visual and performing arts industry.