Fundraiser – A fun way to raise awareness, visibility, interaction with your campus as well as raise money.  Consider, dance competitions, bowl-a-thons, walk/run-a-thons, car washes, candy grams, bake sales, dinner sales, charged performances or exhibits, rent creative services for events, leverage creative abilities/services for an affordable price, movie nights, or competitions with prize money/financial sponsorship.

Notecard – Decorated with the society crest/shield or shield for the use of thanking speakers and similar purposes.

Forums or Debates – A debate or forum, on a “hot” issue, can make for a good program.

Trip – A chapter trip, with a good mix of students along with others, is not only a good mixer but a terrific project — and a possibility for your chapter getting a sponsor.

Web Page – Having a good chapter web page is supremely important. One nice touch is to have a personal page for each of your members. As time passes this becomes a historical record for each generation of your members. The page might have a brief statement of the international links of the member — indeed, you might ask every new member to do such a page as a condition of being initiated.

Telephone Links – To be sure every chapter member knows about your programs, consider a telephone tree — one person calls two, the two each call two, and so on. It is an easy way to organize and will pay dividends in attendance.

Sponsoring Athletic Events – The chapter probably doesn’t have the resources to sponsor a bowl game, but there are all kinds of competitions where your chapter could play a part. For example, the contests for physically challenged individuals are growing in interest. Or the chapter could maintain a comfort station at a marathon. Just because we are academic and artistic doesn’t mean we can’t gain visibility at sports events.

Study Session – Being in a collegiate environment requires study and focus, so what better way to cultivate an environment of academic achievement, than to be in the midst of other like minded individuals.

Cookout – A great way to extend the social atmosphere amongst members and the community.

Career Programs – An Arts Career Fair, open to the campus, can include speakers and booths on careers. Invite speakers from exporting dance company’s, from traveling theater agencies, from Art businesses involved in international art shows, trade and collection. Show your university community the wide range of jobs that have an artistic dimension.

Calendar – Why not collect pictures this year for a calendar? Calendars are great fund raisers and a Psi Rho Alpha chapter calendar, with the dates of holidays, would make sense.

Mentors – Consider assigning a more senior member, faculty, or student, as a mentor to each new member. It doesn’t have to be a very formal arrangement, but it can be a nice way to welcome the new person. All of us like to see at least one friendly face when we go to a meeting.

Road Map – Does your chapter have a road map for the year? For example, what are you doing for the various holidays? What goals have you set and what events and projects are planned to get you there? It’s very useful to probe around and ask in a nice way to find out what dreams there are.

Sponsorship – Every successful chapter needs to use its imagination and have some dreams, and pass them along to the national headquarters to share!  Sponsorship can not only be a fund raising device, but a source of programs. Offering, for example, to sponsor a once a month brunch for your university.

Ties with High Schools – Local high schools are often hard put to find good assembly programs. Why not have your chapter organize a series of assembly programs for a local school, using art students on your campus. A principal would probably be delighted to have such a series, with college students of different backgrounds, showing slides or demonstrating customs. Be sure your college’s public relations department knows about such activities.

Yearbook Appearance – Be sure you are in the yearbook as well as the various guides and booklets that are distributed on campus.

Art Show/performance –  Student artists, from different crafts, can put their work on show and on sale at venues like the mall or flea markets.

Membership Register – Chapters should keep a membership book and ask each new member to sign, and print, their name in the book. This can be a ceremony worked into the initiation ritual. The act of signing adds a sense of commitment to the ideals of Psi Rho Alpha.

Birthday Party – A chapter birthday party! Decide when your chapter should celebrate its birthday — first meeting? Charter date? Then have a birthday party every year. It is a good excuse for a cake with the PRA shield.

Get a strong leader!  Be a strong leader!  Display Initiative! Be Creative!